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f, F [efe Letter f in spanish.

f,F  as  fabriquer, façonner, faire, fauvisme, féminin, feuille, figure, folie, forme…           

ÉFÉ is a virtual gallery that serves as a springboard for artists who want to present their works.

ÉFÉ offers a range of services - from framing to restoration of art work.






Joanne Legault




Ewa Kujawska was born in Wroclaw, Poland.  She graduated with a Masters Degree in Painting, Graphics and Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw, under prof. Karpinski from the Studio of Painting and Drawing and prof. Zdanowicz from the Studio of Painting Design in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Her future creativity was very much influenced by the artistic climate in her hometown Wroclaw and later, by stay and work in Algeria, North Africa, where many excursions through the Sahara Desert had a very strong impact on her creative development.

 “Discovering the Sahara was more like a spiritual journey and I have never before experienced such serenity, strange dignity of the place and happiness as in the open space of the desert”.

 In 1986 Ewa came to Canada where she has been living since, working primarily in oil, acrylics and her own mixed-media techniques.

 Her work is tinged with finesse and rigour.

 “Painting is the manner in which I express my attitude towards the world. It is an attempt to true world cognition and a kind of meditation as well. It is important for me to find a balance between intuition and consciousness.”

 She has a long history of exhibitions and participations in various cultural artistic events gaining awards and distinctions in Canada and abroad.  Her works have been exhibited in Canada, Algeria, France, Germany, the USA, Morocco, Greece and Poland by galleries, private collectors and corporations (i.e. Head Office of BRE Bank - Warsaw, Tens Ltd. in Sopot , Poland; Cleland Jardine Ltd., Ottawa, Canada).

Ewa is a member of the Canadian Artists Representation - CARFAC Ontario, the Ottawa Art Gallery, Arts Court of Ottawa, and was represented in Ottawa by Calligrammes Gallery. In 2001 Ewa was selected by CARFAC to attend the International Gibraltar Point Artist Residency Program. In 2003 she was a finalist of the “Painting of the year 2002” competition organized by the art magazine “Art & Business” in Poland.

 Since 2004 she has worked in Stafford Studios in Ottawa.































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